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Your homes garage, basements, storage rooms and patios are  essential area of your home and needs to endure major traffic and abuse. The experts at Epoxy Worx can find the perfect system to protect and enhance this key space. With Epoxy Worx, you can get world-class durability without sacrificing style. All garage floor coatings are fully customizable to match your practical and aesthetic needs.


Whether you’re aiming to transform your garage into the ultimate workshop, a home gym, or simply looking to restore it from the abuse it has seen over the years, your garage is a vital piece of your home. Our system is an attractive and low-maintenance way to preserve and elevate your garage space.

Epoxy and Polyaspartic/Polyurea coatings each play critical roles in building a garage floor coating system of the highest standards. Our hybrid system uses both products for different layers of the floor to create a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

What are the benefits of a EPOXY Floor Coating?

The benefits of our epoxy floor coating systems goes far beyond the aesthetic value.

Showroom Finish

A garage that looks so good you’ll feel guilty for parking on it.

Corrosion Protection

Protects against road salts, oil, UV rays, chemical, and moisture corrosion.

Superior Washability

All you’ll need to keep your floor looking new is water and a rubber squeegee.

No Pealing
or Cracking

Quality workmanship, and a industry leading warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Your garage floor and more...


Steps and Landings

Epoxy Worx service enables you to have a fully customizable experience. We are able to install coating systems on not just floors but steps, stairs, and all the fine details like treads, risers, and skirt-boards.


Stem Walls & Curbing

Epoxy Worx can help you achieve enviable full-room cohesion by applying coating to stem walls and curbing—because every detail counts.


Custom Colors

To get the most of your space and our service, our coatings are easily customizable so you can perfect your area down to every last detail. Match your vehicles, sports team, or brand colors!

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The benefits of our flooring systems goes far beyond the aesthetic value.


Enhance the durability, beauty and performance of your garage floor!

Has your garage floor seen better days?
Is it all chipped, cracked, dingy and damaged from salt and weather?
Before wasting your hard earned money on a full concrete slab replacement, let Epoxy Worx show you an option for a fraction of the cost. Enhance the beauty and performance of your old concrete  while minimizing yearly maintenance with our wide range of attractive and durable concrete coating systems.

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